Our Compliance Services include

Assistance with tracking and reporting obligations for:

  • Lobbying disclosures;
  • Pay-to-Play / Procurement disclosures;
  • Campaign finance (including solicitations and fundraising);
  • Gifts and entertainment; and,
  • Corporate governance (political activities)

Companies hire Centurion to manage reporting requirements for jurisdictions across the U.S., which may include internal and external disclosure obligations. Centurion manages the details so you can focus on running your business. 


Some of the day-to-day includes, but is not limited to:    

  • Periodic reminders;
  • Coordinating internal and external reporting contacts;
  • Query appropriate internal staff or external contacts via email questionnaire to complete reporting obligations;
  • Completing applicable registrations and disclosure reports;
  • Tracking aggregate disclosure activities; and,
  • Annual compliance training.


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